Why use a travel agent??

You want to take a cruise.  Everyone knows there are cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska, but you would like to do something different?   Maybe you would like to do something more intellectual, creative or adventurous.


How do you find out about that cruise?  That is why a travel agent is important, and how I can help you.


Yes, you can book directly through a cruise line.  But in doing that, you are restricted to planning a vacation only with that line, and not necessarily at the best possible price.  And unless your heart is set on a specific cruise, on a specific date, on a specific ship, perhaps there is something out there that might strike your fancy.


Once again, this is where I can help you with my professional expertise.


As cruising has become more popular, ships have not only grown larger, but more creative in options they offer to passengers.


To whet your appetite, these are but a few of the possibilities for you to consider when booking a vacation.   The small luxury Crystal Cruises is recognized not only for their fine cuisine but also for the quality of their onboard lecturers.   Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 has a kennel for up to 25 of your furry family members as well as the only planetarium at sea and a 6000 book library.   The small luxury yachts of the French company Ponant will be introducing lounges under the waterline with portholes so the passengers can watch the sea life float by.   And Ritz Carlton will be introducing smaller cruise ships able to dock at smaller ports than larger ships in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.


Seabourn Cruises has a shore excursion program visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites.  And while you can always explore the world’s markets on your own, some Seaborun chefs will take you shopping with them as they hunt for fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in some destinations.


There are ships with a limited number of two story suites, and ones that are developing personal plunge pools.   Are you a grandparent who wants a family cruise, but not the hustle and bustle of the mega-ship that your grandchildren want to experience?  Norwegian is one of the cruise lines offering special accommodations-–theirs is called The Haven– an area of the ship that can only be entered with a key card, a restricted pool, restaurant and amenities, so that while the children and grandchildren are playing at the ship’s waterpark, you are having a day of luxury.


And then there are all the wonderful places in the world to visit, from the Galapagos Islands to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Sail to the ends of the earth, Arctic or Antarctica, or cruise 900 miles up the Amazon River to Manaus, Brazil—perhaps on the same vacation where you attend Carnival in Rio

As a travel professional, I can tell you about these and other cruise and travel opportunities.  Vacations and holidays are what we all look forward to and we all want it to be as perfect as possible.  We all want to fulfill our personal dreams of what we want from our travel experience.


So give me a call so I can help tailor the perfect vacation for you.


Smooth Seas and Calm Winds,


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