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Iceland 2015

A few weeks ago, I was having drinks with a friend who asked why I became a travel agent. I have always loved travel and adventure, and the opportunity to have a career that focused on what I personally enjoy, after a successful business career, was too tempting to pass up.

Now, more than 25 years later, I have taken 63 cruises, travelled to all 7 continents, and visited many of the more exotic destinations in the world. For me, being a travel agent with a specialty in upscale cruising, is more than just making a booking and sending E-tickets to a client. I want to be certain that each and every person is matched with the cruise and ship best suited to that individual, to make your personal adventure as customized as possible.

Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Islands 2012

For my team, your enjoyment is our priority. We want you to get the best out of you’re your vacation, your time and your money!

To that end, this Blog will address questions I have been most frequently asked, information that I feel will make your cruise more enjoyable, and sometimes just fun facts—like where to go for tapas in Barcelona or where to find the best gelato in Gibraltar!

On a serious note, over the years I have learned that most people aren’t even aware of the many options available to them when booking a vacation. Everyone seems to know they can take a cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii, and that for the wealthy with time to spare, a cruise can be as exotic as sailing around the world. Phineas Fogg might have travelled around the world in 80 days, but it does take longer on a ship!

Egypt 2011

However, there are many options in between these two, including traveling as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Antarctica. And while one does need the time to travel around the world, it’s not just for the very well-to-do.

In the ensuing weeks and months, I will share my knowledge, and look at issues you might not even have considered yet. Upon occasion, another one of my team members, who is a veteran of more than 100 cruises, might sneak in an occasional column addressing issues from her viewpoint, such as women as solo travellers.

Mumbai India, Buddha born under this tree .. 2014

For now, I hope you look forward to the next installment in a week: Can you travel anywhere in the world if you are a non-flyer?

Smooth seas and calm winds.
Ken Heit

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  1. Lynn Foy
    Lynn Foy says:

    Hey Ken! Yes, Working as a travel agent is a good job for those who like to travel most. As we know today is the world of globalization and people are travelling from place to place, country to country on regular basis. Therefore Travel agents are in great demand these days in every sphere which help in saving hours of stressful research work along with make possible to visit targeted location in minimum time.


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