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Travelogue No. 14 Singapore and Malaysia

An uninhabited swamp until 1819, 227 square mile Singapore, on the tip of the Malaysian peninsula, has more than 5 million residents who speak 54 languages, English being the official one.  It is one of the cleanest, most modern cities in the world.   Not surprising in a country where chewing gum was once illegal, smoking […]

Travelogue No. 13. Hong Kong

When we embarked on this incredible world journey that has now taken us almost 25,000 miles, I anticipated six places as highlights.  Our two-day visit to Hong Kong is the fourth of these highlights, and like the others, it surpassed our expectations.   Our first day’s plan was to meet for lunch with Henry Wo, […]

Travelogue 12 China! Shanghai and Xiamen

The Chinese have a saying:  The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.  That visual image seems to sum up the attitude toward individualism and free thought in this country.  Driving from the pier into Shanghai, population 24 million,–the largest city in China is 35,000,000– we passed hundreds, if not thousands of high-rise apartment buildings, […]

Kochi, Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Ohayu Gozaimasu!  (Good Morning!) I could tell you that my Kochi tour included a rain-swept walk up, and back down, a steep hill to a shrine, lunch on one’s own at what turned out to be a cramped little market (I found yummy croissants on the street instead), an outdoor visit to Kochi Castle which […]

Turning Japanese Cruise!

Good Morning, Japanese time, from the Inland Sea,   I had not anticipating sending more Emails until after we left Japan, but following Kagoshima, there was a massive storm with up to 60 mph winds and 25 foot or higher waves if we went to Busan, South Korea, and the Captain chose wisely to head back […]

Tales of a Mesoamerican Adventure!

Greetings from Mexico!   Actually, greetings from the ship as we are opting to stay aboard during our two Mexican stops, Acapulco today and Cabo San Lucas on Wednesday.    Seeing the armed soldiers with drug-sniffing dogs outside our ship, and with the temperature today expected to reach 100 degrees,  at least for today, this seems like a […]

Tales from Past Experiences with Assigned Dinner Seating

Dinner for two?  Or four, six, eight or twelve?   When booking a cruise, other than selecting  a stateroom by type and location, the most important questions you may be asked are regarding dinner preferences.   Do you want the early or late seating  (on most ships) ;  would you like  a large or small table?   […]

The people you will meet at Sea

We all have friends from our personal life and friends from our work life, but for those of us who sail the seas, we also have Cruise friends.  What makes these friends so unique is that we first meet as sea, away from our everyday comfort zones.   And chances are we would never have met […]