Airplane VS Cruise Travel – What do you prefer?

‘Can I get there from a ship, or do I have to take an airplane?’ That
might be the question I am asked most often.
The desire to visit far-off and exotic places is ages old, but only in the
past one hundred years is it a realistic possibility for most of us.
Airplanes have made travel convenient; cruise ships have made it
luxurious. And while it is common knowledge that one can travel by
ship to the great ports of the world, including Hong Kong and Sydney,
Australia, two of my personal favorites, it is also possible to visit inland
locations, like the Taj Mahal, or Xian, China, while on a cruise.
Air travel can be trying enough if someone is going to one destination,
say New York to Paris, or L.A. to Tokyo. But what if you want to visit
Tokyo, Hong Kong , Singapore, Sydney, Australia and Honolulu on a
single vacation. Not to mention all the packing incumbent on such a
journey—my wife and I can fill a single suitcase with just our shoes! We
have now gone from difficult to overwhelming.
Now imagine boarding a luxury cruise ship. Within five minutes of
being greeted at the entryway by a white-gloved steward who carries
your hand luggage, you are having a glass of champagne, sent to your
stateroom by your thoughtful travel agent, and waiting for your luggage
to be delivered. In some instances, a helpful steward or butler may
even do the unpacking for you! And for the next two weeks to four
months, you have just arrived in your home away from home.
And while you are sitting there relaxing, perhaps nibbling the chocolate covered
strawberries that arrived with the champagne, you realize that
not only are you being pampered in luxury surroundings, but the stress
that would normally accompany transitions between airports, cities and
countries is gone. You are now free to accumulate wonderful
experiences and great memories of new and exciting destinations. For
now you are on your way to Tokyo, or India, or Florence, or Monaco, or
maybe all of them in a single marvelous cruise! The world is waiting for
you to explore from the comfort of your suite.
And here is where all the careful planning you and I have done together
has become so valuable. Not only has my team matched you with the
perfect ship for your lifestyle, but we have helped select the itinerary
that provides the destinations you most want to visit in the time frame
you have chosen. We have helped you with the advance planning for
shore excursions that will actually land near the South Pole on
Antarctica, or take you on a three day safari in South Africa, or a three
day trip to Xian and Guilin in China.
One 2019 World Cruise stops in Sydney, where you can disembark for a
two day train journey across Australia, where a second cruise ship will
take passengers on the continuation of the World Cruise. And you won’t
have to lift a single piece of luggage!
And this is just the beginning. The world really can be your oyster!!
Next time: how to pack, what to bring, and making the mot of the space
in your suite!
Smooth Seas and Calm Winds,
Ken Heit

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