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Tales from Past Experiences with Assigned Dinner Seating

Dinner for two?  Or four, six, eight or twelve?   When booking a cruise, other than selecting  a stateroom by type and location, the most important questions you may be asked are regarding dinner preferences.   Do you want the early or late seating  (on most ships) ;  would you like  a large or small table?   […]

The people you will meet at Sea

We all have friends from our personal life and friends from our work life, but for those of us who sail the seas, we also have Cruise friends.  What makes these friends so unique is that we first meet as sea, away from our everyday comfort zones.   And chances are we would never have met […]

Traveling with Friends

We are going on a World Cruise, and we will be travelling with friends.   One hundred days is a long time to be vacationing other people, but we met this couple on a cruise originally, have now travelled with them coincidentally three times, and planned this fourth cruise together. We know by now we are […]

What to do on the Ship?

It is not uncommon for me to hear someone say “I would love to take a cruise, but my spouse, partner, or travel friend is afraid the time on the ship will be boring.” Sea life is not for everyone, but often that is because a common perception is that time aboard the ship is […]

Why use a travel agent??

You want to take a cruise.  Everyone knows there are cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska, but you would like to do something different?   Maybe you would like to do something more intellectual, creative or adventurous.   How do you find out about that cruise?  That is why a travel agent is important, and […]

Why I Became a Travel Agent – Ken Heit

A few weeks ago, I was having drinks with a friend who asked why I became a travel agent. I have always loved travel and adventure, and the opportunity to have a career that focused on what I personally enjoy, after a successful business career, was too tempting to pass up. Now, more than 25 […]